A big choice of apples which were on ecological way grown.

BIO apples

Pinova (photo)

Middle massive, light lengthen conical forms, with blended reddish color. The meat is juicy, sweet and with scent. It could be preserved.

Melodie apple (photo)

The fruit is with yellow colored and rose-red blended color.
Tastes sweet-sour, with specific aroma.

Braeburn (photo)

Red fruits with distinct green patterns. Lasting, aroma and crispy.

Fuji (photo)

The meat is pale to creamy, thick, crispy, juicy, sweet with light aroma and very foot quality.

Golden Ausgezeichnet (Foto)

The fruit is middle to big with long conical shape. The skin is thin, sleek, with yellow-green color and nice rose tint. It has quite expressed brown strips.

Gala (photo)

Those are aroma, crispy and sweet apples. They can be used fresh or in a salad.

Florina (photo)

With a thin and solid skin, blended in strips yellow-red to dark red color, and moderate wax coating.


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